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My work has been getting some nice reviews lately.  If you’d like to read them for yourself, here are the links:

I did an interview with Jimmy Aquino for Comic News Insider at the 2018 MoCCA Festival. 

Bleeding Cool’s Ray Flook came away from Special Edition: NYC calling my Origami Comics the “Coolest Product of the Show”

Side B Magazine’s MoCCAFest review notes “Wong creates comics that are more than flat panels: his origami comics are meant to be folded. By subverting the form we usually associate with comics hes able to create something that retains originality in an era where the use of print media is constantly in question. With this comic, you have to touch, open, fold and re-fold in order to read the whole story and gain the whole experience.”

Here’s an interview I did at Bronx Heroes Con with “Crazy Al Cayne” for his CAC-TV blog.

Shabbir at reviews all four of my Origami Comics (Pandora’s Box, Schrodinger’s Cat, Flexagon! and 2d4) with some nice things to say about each. He concludes “I have had a lot fun with all of these Origami comics, I think anyone will. Fun, inexpensive and suitable for all ages even big kids.”

Over at, Pop Candy’s Whitney Matheson identifies “Pandora’s Box” as one of “Five Awesome Comics I Found at New York Comic Con.” She blogs “Even if the story and art didn’t impress me (which they did), he’d still get an “A” for effort.

Terri Garofalo of Entities-R-Us stopped by my table at New York Comic Con and found my Origami Comics work “refreshing.” She notes “Ken takes the sequential cartoon format and twists it into working sculptural comics.”

Nancy Shenker’s “Showgirl Talk” gives Origami Comics a “Best of Show” mention for going “above and beyond the traditional comic book.” In reviewing “booths that made us stop in our tracks and take notice” at the 2010 New York Comic Con, Nancy sez: “Ken Wong of Comics Art Rash immediately stopped us in our tracks with his cool and trendy way to package comics.”

Julia of The Retconned Fangirl calls my Origami Comics “nifty” in her blog entry about SPX’10.

Julia (The Retconned Fangirl) along with Ed Sizemore and Johanna Draper Carlson (Comics Worth Reading) discuss my Origami Comics in the SPX’10 Convention Report episode of their Manga Out Loud podcast. Discussion of Origami Comis begins at around 39:21 of the podcast.

Library Journal’s Graphic Novels columnist Martha Cornog calls my Origami Comics “exquisite” in her report from the 2010 MoCCA Art Festival.

Tyler Chin-Tanner identifies my Origami Comics as a “favorite example” of how comics creators at shows like SPX’09 “really have taken it upon themselves to stretch the possibilities of how the comic form can be used.”

Ed Sizemore at Comics Worth Reading “highly recommends” Pandora’s Box and Schrodinger’s Cat in his review of comics purchased at 2009 MoCCA Art Festival. Of Pandora’s Box, he writes: “It’s getting the little details right that make this a wonderful origami comic.”

Jay at Death Ray Weekly concludes his review of Schrodinger’s Cat by saying “this comic is a must buy if you are lucky enough to come across it.”

At Comics Worth Reading, Johanna Draper Carlson calls my origami comics her “favorite minicomic acquisitions” from the 2009 MoCCA Art Festival. She describes Schrodinger’s Cat as “multi-leveled… a tiny little encapsulation of so much comic history, all on one page.”

Brian Heater at The Daily Crosshatch called my Pandora’s Box origami-comic “a fascinating little avenue… a fun and potentially fascinating reprieve for the world of print cartooning.”

This Diamond Comics Bookshelf review of the 2009 Kids Comic Con calls Pandora’s Box “ingenious”!

Artist Joe Staton called Pandora’s Box “excessively clever” 

Steve Sunu of Comic Book Resources liked Pandora’s Box so much he called me “one of the standout exhibitors of the [2009 Kids Comic-Con] show”


But don’t just take their word for it… get a copy for yourself!
If you are a comics journalist who would like to request a copy of any (or all) of my Origami Comics to review, please send me an email including your mailing address as well as a link to a publication/website showing examples of your other comics reviews.