Draw-A-Thon 10

Art & Design High School hosts all-day Draw-A-Thon fundraisers twice each year (Spring/Autumn). Here are a few of my favorite cosplayer sketches from Draw-A-Thon 10.

“Jason Voorhees” – ink and watercolor

“Black Cat vs. Spider-Man” – graphite

“Kylo Ren” pencil sketches

Recent Sketches (November)

“Western” model at The Way Station – graphite

Agent Wednesday “Teddy Bear” at Anyone Comics – graphite

“Alina” at Anyone Comics – graphite and chalk on toned gray paper

Here are a sketches from recent sketch night events at  Anyone Comics and The Way Station.

Jane Walker at The Way Station

Saturday afternoon “Artists Lounge” Drink & Draw sessions returned to The Way Station in Brooklyn after an extended summer hiatus with Tiffany Knight modeling as “Jane Walker,” the female iteration of Johnie Walker whisky. Here are a few of my favorite sketches from that day:

“Jane Walker” – Pen and markers

“Jane Walker” – Ink and wash

“Jane Walker” – Pen and markers

Sketch Nights at Anyone Comics

I’m just now catching up on my backlog of posts so here’s a trio of sketches from recent Drink ‘n Draw sessions at Anyone Comics. Anyone Comics hosts weeknight D’nD Life Drawing sessions at the store from 7:30-10:30 pm every other week ($15 cover).

“Gio” – ink and wash.

“Donato” – pencil with gray marker.

“Vampirello (John, Vampirella crossplay)” – pencils

Sketch Night: Military Working Dogs

This past week was a special Sketch Night at Society of Illustrators featuring Military Working Dogs and their handlers.  As one would expect – although the dogs didn’t “pose” in the traditional sense – they are extremely well trained so the handlers knew how to get them to hold or return to certain positions long enough for us to sketch them.

Digital sketch of MWD MMcGreevy and his handler, Navy Petty Officer Scully.

Pencil sketch of MWD KKrusty and his handler, Air Force Staff Sergeant Shenton.

Marker drawings of MWD KKira and her handler, Air Force Staff Sgt Hopkins: (top) pen and marker; (bottom) marker over pencil.

Sketches from July

Some recent sketches.

Marker sketch of “Pirate” cosplayer at Anyone Comics Life Drawing.

Marker sketch from “Fashion Sketch Nigh”t at Society of Illustrators

Watercolor sketch from “1960s Fashion Sketch Night” at Society of Illustrators

Digital sketch from Drink & Draw NYC (July)

Ink and wash sketch from Sketch Night at Society of Illustrators. On Tuesday nights at SOI, nude models are accompanied by live music and this musician graciously gave me permission to sketch him while he was playing.

Sketches from June

Here are a few sketches from June.

Market and pencil sketch from drink-n-draw at The Way Station.

Marker and ink drawing on toned tan paper from burlesque sketch night at Society of Illustrators.

Pencil sketch on toned tan paper from sketch night at Drink & Draw NYC.

Sketches from May

Some sketches from various life drawing events around NYC this month.

“General Leia Organa” (pencil) from “Star Wars: May The Fourth” session at The Way Station Artists Lounge

Sketch from WinC’s “Drink, Draw, Pole”

Sketch from WinC’s “Drink, Draw, Pole”

“Satyr” (ink and wash) from Dr. Sketchy’s

“MissFit_Shida” (markers, pencil on toned tan paper) from Drink & Draw NYC