More Recent Sketches

Sketches from recent “Fashion Sketch Night” and “Candy Land Burlesque Sketch Night” at Society of Illustrators.

“Candy Land Sketch Night models Kita St Cyr (left) and Perse Fanny (right)
Perse Fanny at Candy Land Sketch Night
Kita St Cyr at Candy Land Sketch Night
Costume designed by Claire Fleury at Fashion Sketch Night

Recent Sketches

Recent sketches from “Fairy Tales” Burlesque Sketch Night at Society of Illustrators and Dr. Sketchy’s NYC with model Sage Sovereign

Anja Keister as “Red Riding Hood” at Society of Illustrators
Anteus Bon Temps as “Fairy Queen” at Society of Illustrators
Sage Sovereign on stage at Dr. Sketchy’s NYC

Post MoCCAfest

A big thank you to everyone who stopped by my table during MoCCA Arts Festival this past weekend! I always enjoy talking to people about my comics and my artwork and it really means a lot to me when people like my work enough to buy some.

Since several people wanted to know how I made my tetraflexagon comic, I will write up and post a tutorial/instructions soon.