Sketch Night Online: Lefty Lucy Costumed in Quarantine

Social distancing means I haven’t been able to attend any of my usual Drink-n-Draws but I have started doing some online sketch nights.

Costumer and burlesque performer Lefty Lucy does a free Tuesday night “Costumed in Quarantine” sketch night which I’ve made part of my weekly schedule.

Here are some of my favorite sketches from the last few weeks.

Delirium of The Endless
Cat Lady
Blonde of Frankenstein

More Recent Sketches

Sketches from recent “Fashion Sketch Night” and “Candy Land Burlesque Sketch Night” at Society of Illustrators.

“Candy Land Sketch Night models Kita St Cyr (left) and Perse Fanny (right)
Perse Fanny at Candy Land Sketch Night
Kita St Cyr at Candy Land Sketch Night
Costume designed by Claire Fleury at Fashion Sketch Night