The name “Origami Comics” is used for all of Ken Wong’s self-published comics and includes comics that actually utilize the art of paper folding as well as more typical pamphlet or magazine-style comics. Use the pull-down menus above to learn more about each.

I generally sell my Origami Comics only when making appearances at comic conventions, comic art festivals, or comic/book stores but there are a few retailers who stock them:

  • ANYONE COMICS in Crown Heights, Brooklyn stocks several of my comics: Pandora’s Box and its companion minicomic (pamphlet) Origins of Origami Comics: Pandora’s Box; Schrodinger’s Cat: Unfolded Tales; and Bonetti’s Defense. Anyone Comics hosts fun Life Drawing sessions on a regular basis (check store for details) which I enjoy attending. If you happen to purchase one of my comics while I am there for Life Drawing or any other event, I am happy to sign them upon request.

Those interested in Ken Wong’s Origami Comics can also find several of them (Pandora’s Box, Schrodinger’s Cat, Flexagon!, Unsung, 2d4, Map to World’s End, Cyrano de Bergerac’s Ballade, and Tamatebako) in the Small Press Expo Collection at The Library of Congress in Washington. DC.