UNSUNG  is an artisanal comic in the form of nested folders or dossiers. The story takes place in the Oval Office and unfolds in a world of unsung heroes.

Dr. Unsung is a gifted healer, a leading scientist, and a tireless advocate for safety who also assists law enforcement in his spare time… yet he scoffs at being called a ‘hero.’

As the President delves deeper into Dr. Unsung’s dossier… uncovering bigger and bigger secrets… he and readers can decide for themselves whether Dr. Unsung’s amazing accomplishments as a doctor, a scientist, a safety advocate, a friend to law enforcement, and more are truly heroic.

In a world without superheroes, where exactly does Dr. Unsung fit in?








Some readers have asked me to explain the various superhero & supervillain references sprinkled throughout UNSUNG. Here is a general summary:

Dr. Unsung is a gifted surgeon who helps victims recover from terrible injuries. This could include people like fellow surgeon Stephen Strange, who only sought mystical help when conventional medicine could not help him. It could also apply to district attorney Harvey Dent as well as scientists Kurt Connors, Otto Octavius or many others.

Prevention of genetic deformities would eliminate many mutations.

Dr. Unsung heads the Erskine Memorial Foundation for Safer Science. Lab accidents (especially those involving radiation) figure prominently in the secret origins of several super-heroes and super-villains such as Spider-Man, The Green Goblin, Flash, Lex Luthor, Dr. Doom, and Dr. Manhattan just to name a few. Even scientists such as Darrell Dane, Ray Palmer or Hank Pym, who all gained shrinking powers through scientific research rather than accidents, would still have been affected by lab safety protocols (as would anyone involved in military science like Tony Stark or Bruce Banner). Erskine is one of the names traditionally given to the character behind the Super-Soldier Serum that led to Captain America. In this world, however, Dr. Erskine apparently died in a tragic lab accident prior to WWII.

Dr. Unsung has helped with crime fighting. Many famous super-heroes – such as Batman, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Punisher, Spawn – became crime-fighters because they or loved ones were victims of terrible crimes. Others were already crime-fighting cops or district attorneys who adopted secret identities after becoming frustrated with thwarted justice. Some heroes were criminals (or at least committed criminal acts) before becoming heroes. And, of course, many super-villains started out as petty criminals before gaining powers that made them even bigger threats.

Dr. Unsung’s biggest secret and biggest accomplishment is that his lab protects the world from earth-approaching objects. Since many super-heroes and super-villains have alien origins, Dr. Unsung’s work would prevent them from ever reaching earth.